My name is Samantha, welcome to my shop! 

I am SO happy you are here!

My shop was created about a year after discovering I was a Little. I always knew I felt that way, but didn't know there was a whole community of people like me until I made an Instagram. I am beyond thrilled to have found my way into such a fun loving community. Since I have grown and learned so much from my fellow peers, I wanted to be able to give back somehow. I started off by making memes, but really wanted to do something else. Something unique and creative that I might actually be able to make a little money from. And with those feelings, I decided to create a shop geared towards Littles. I saved up money for months before buying a few different crafts. I began creating soaps, slime, clay charms, jewelry, resin and finally pacifiers. While none of the other crafts I made gained any interest, my pacifiers quickly grew in popularity. As my paci shop grows, I do hope to get back into the other crafts I enjoy, and maybe even bring them into the shop <3